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eCheck (check22) Payments

Looking for no risk ACH payment processing? Our eCheck payment solution is ideal for very high risk businesses from all over the World, including India.

With an eCheck you (the merchant) receive the money within just 5 minutes with no reserves and no holds
Virtual terminals

With VISA actively searching for and closing very high risk merchant accounts, we always recommend our non VISA acquired eCheck solution to accompany traditional online payment methods.

" Mumbai-based Check22 Clearinghouse brings no-risk payment processing to unserved high-risk merchants "

As you know trying to find online card processing for your tech support, peptide or pharma business is hard. Due to the high risk nature of the business and the risk of chargebacks, most payment providers won't set-up merchant accounts for them. This is where our eCheck solutions comes in and can be used as your only processing solution or along side your current set-up.


Yes NEW - Get paid by anyone with a mobile phone (cell phone)
Yes Comes with a Virtual Terminal for phone payments

Activate your Processing Account in just 10 minutes

Yes No reserves required

Any bank account anywhere in the World can be used

Yes You will receive payments within just 5 minutes
Yes Comes with complete online portal and reporting tools
Yes Negative customer database monitoring as standard
Yes Save on processing fees
Yes Get paid for the full amount billed: our low processing fees are billed separately
Yes Process payments one at a time or thousands at a time
Yes Reduce the Chargeback and dispute periods from 6 months to 40 days
Yes Money is taken directly from customer's account as if they were using a debit card

This is ideal for tech support and pharma from all over the World, including India.
We also offer card processing for Indian tech support and details will be provided at the same time as the eCheck information.

Want to know more?

We know you want a GREAT service. We will allocate you with your very own account manager who will take time to discuss everything with you and can contact you via email, Skype, phone, etc. - it's up to you. We can also handle any time differences.

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What is an eCheck and Check22 Payment?


An eCheck is an electronic version of a paper check where payment is funded by the buyer’s bank account.
With an eCheck you (the merchant) receives the money within just 5 minutes

Unlike online processing where it is a "Debit” (grab) transaction, eCheck is a “Push” transaction where the Payer decides when and how much they wish to pay, by applying their electronic signature “eSign”.

By clicking on the Authorized button a Payer agrees to electronically add their signature to a legally binding contract authorising a remotely created check (Check22) with their electronic “signature on file” made payable to the Payee.

Payor further agrees that any and all disputes that may arise with this transaction are to be resolved directly with the merchant / vendor and they waive all rights, for any reason, to seek to have their financial institution charge-back their remotely created check. Payer understands and agrees that any breach of their warranty may result in all legal remedies, not limited to but including a stipulated minimum $250 additional fee to cover all bank fees and collection costs.


How does it work?

There are 2 main ways to accept payments:

Pay Online Payments
Virtual Terminal (VPoS) Payments

How to Process 'Pay Online' Payments

The Pay Online service is designed to enable all your customers to send you a payment, online, anytime.

Unlike the VPOS services which are designed for Call Centers and phone order processing services, the Pay Online service is designed to enable all your customers to send you a payment anytime without a phone call. To receive a payment within 5 minutes, you do not have to speak with your customer, just ask them to click on the Pay Online icon and follow the instructions.

When your customer clicks on your Pay Online icon / button, they will ONLY need to enter their cell phone number, the payment amount, a description for the payment, and then click on the continue button.

If your customer is a returning customer their cell number is recognized and within a few seconds they will receive a text message to approve their payment. If the cell number is not recognized address and bank account details will be requested.

Once your payment is approved you will receive a PDF via email, containing a printable Check22, ready for deposit to your bank

Payment Confirmation

Checks (cheques) will be emailed to you within 5 minutes of using Check22:

• Print the check (colour printer preferred)
• Cut at the line marked "Cut Here“
• Keep the lower section, marked " Keep for Your Records
• Deposit at your bank via teller, ATM or banking app



How to Process Payments on Your VPoS

Once logged in you are ready to process your payments. The purchase amount is a required field and the Reference Number and Description fields are optional. Next enter your customer’s cell number and which of the three verification options you wish to use for the sale.

3 Options to Verify Data

Merchants processing Check22 payments have three options to verify their payments.

Bank Account Verification to verify the ownership of the specific bank account on which the Check22 is drawn.
Text Message Authorization confirming with the check writer that they authorized the issuance of the subject Check22
NO Verification - Permission is assumed based on the merchant’s relationship with their customer.


Payment Confirmation

As above, checks will be emailed to you within 5 minutes of using the Check22 service

Check22 Local and National Database Monitoring

Before approving a payment Check22 will verify its negative database for negative history based on Number, Bank Routing and Account Number, Cell Number, and email address. Any direct match will result in declining the Check22. We will also confirm the Bank Routing, Account Number, and the current balance in the issuing checking account.


Want to know more?

Once we receive your initial application an account manager will contact you within 48 hours to discuss the solution further, including all costs, and how to proceed.

We know you want a GREAT service. We will allocate you with your very own account manager who will take time to discuss everything with you and can contact you via email, Skype, phone, etc. - it's up to you. We can also handle any time differences.

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